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Plant of the Month: Peony Paeonia
Peonies are commonly found in gardens in
northern regions, but here in Texas they can
be a challenge for many people to grow. They
can take a few years to actually produce
blooms after planting. It is best to get divisions
from gardeners in the same area for the best
success. Peonies require a cool winter to grow and flower, therefore not all areas of Texas are ideal for growing them. Peonies will grow in hardiness zones 2-8. The hardiness zones in Texas range from 6-9 so select peonies that will grow within your zone. The hardiness zone for most of Collin County is 8a (meaning the northern part of zone 8).
Follow these instructions for planting peonies:
Choose an area of your garden that receives at least six hours of sunlight. Our summers are sizzling hot, so choose an area where your
peonies will receive the majority of the sunlight in the morning and are lightly shaded in the afternoon.
Create a rich, well draining planting hole for each of your peonies to grow over the years. Space each hole 3 feet apart from one another.
Dig out each hole so that is 12 to 18 inches deep and 18 inches wide.
Mix in 2 to 4 inches of compost, peat moss or another similar organic matter into the soil. Sprinkle 1/4 to 1/2 pound of a balanced fertilizer labeled 10-10-10 at the bottom of each hole.
Fill the hole back in with the amended soil so that you leave enough space to accommodate your peony tubers. The eyes should be at the
top of the hole, but only 1 to 2 inches beneath the soil.
Water your peonies with about an inch of water.
Do not add a winter mulch over peonies in Texas.
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