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Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month from February through June and
August through December at 7:00 PM at the Allen Heritage Center (Train Depot) at 100
East Main Street in Allen (unless otherwise noted). All are welcome! See the following
dates for AGC meeting and event information:

2017 Meetings and Events (We are busy scheduling our 2017 meetings and will have them
listed as they are scheduled. Thank you for your patience.):

January - No meeting

February 2 - "Now That I've Grown All These Herbs, What Do I Do With Them?" by Pat
Abramson, Hunt County Master Gardener - Learn about the many ways to use herbs -
culinary to household uses.

March 2 - 4-D Landscaping by Nancy Furth, past member of the Blackland Prairie Master
Naturalists and avid gardener - The extra D is for Diversity.  This presentation is based on
Doug Tallamy's new book co-authored by Rick Darke.  The book is "The Living
Landscape".  Explore his ideas of using native plants suitable for layering and learn about
how they attract nature, including insects so important to a healthy environment.

April 6 - Spring Plant Swap - THIS STARTS AT 6:30 PM. Dig and divide late summer and fall
blooming perennials. Bring them in labeled containers to exchange for plants from other
gardeners. Seeds should be in labeled envelopes. This is a free event and all are welcome.

May 4 - Water Efficient Landscaping, by Daniel Cunningham, Texas Agrilife Extension
Horticulturalist - Are you on a budget, but your landscape needs a facelift? Transform
your landscape into a water efficient landscape. Come and learn basic design principles,
plant placement, and hardscape so you can do it yourself .

June 1 - Perennial Color using Natives, by Brice Creelman, Shades of Green. Come learn
about the wonderful native plants to incorporate more color into your landscape from
horticulture expert and TAN certified nurseryman, Brice Creelman.

July - No Meeting

August 3 - Shade Gardening, by Collin County Master Gardeners - Trees are a very
important part of our landscapes because of the shade they provide, but this same shade
will prevent lawns from flourishing. Learn about the best plants for our area that you can
plant in those shady areas.

September 7 - Creating a Beautiful Flower Garden, Collin County Master Gardeners -
Whether a small border is your plan or a larger bed of annuals and perennials, the basics
are the same. Learn how to plan and construct beds, the best plant selection, plant
placement and proper maintenance.

October 5 - Fall Plant Swap - Dig and divide spring and early summer blooming perennials.
Bring them in labeled containers to exchange for plants from other gardeners. Seeds
should be in labeled envelopes. This is a free event and all are welcome.

November 2 - Rose Rosette Disease - This disease is affecting roses throughout our area.
Learn diagnostic steps, symptom identification, control, ongoing research and the future
of roses in North Texas.

December 14 - Members Only Christmas Potluck - This will be the second Thursday of the
month. There was a conflict on the first Thursday.

2018 Schedule:
January - No Meeting

February 1 - Pat Abramson, Master Gardener “Bokashi Composting:  Imagine scraping
every dish at a dinner party into your bokashi compost bin!  Compost everything your
regular compost doesn’t, including meat, dairy, eggs, (fish, of course), and even small
bones.  In another bucket, you can even bokashi compost pet waste.” ( You’re invited to
begin saving discarded meat, fish and cheese (in a baggy in your freezer) in January to
bring to the bokashi demonstration.)
Also, our club turns 20 years old this month! Happy anniversary Allen Garden Club!

March 1 - TBA
If you have suggestions for a presentation or any questions about our meeting and event
schedule, please contact us .
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