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The iris is a very showy flower. Whether it is a German bearded iris or Louisiana iris, they put on a show each spring in just about every color in a color palette.
Iris grows from creeping rhizomes (not bulbs). The leaves grow in a fan shape with a six-lobed flower that appears in the spring.
Iris grow best in humusy, moist soil in full sun. Amend our clay soil with plenty of organic matter / compost before planting your iris. Plant the iris shallow with the top of the rhizome visible at the top of the soil. The roots should all be in the soil. Don't mulch over the top of the rhizome - just around it.  Fertilize lightly in early spring. Avoid overhead watering. Deadhead individual spent flowers and remove flowering stems to the ground after bloom. Divide plants immediately after flowering when overcrowding occurs (every 3-4 years).

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